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The Punggol Settlement


The Punggol Settlement is a bespoke food and beverage specialised development concept envisioned and materialised by its developer, The Colonial Settlement Pte. Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fragrance Group Limited), to revive old Punggol and bring it back to its former glory and more as the dining destination of the North-Eastern sunrise pinnacle of our tropical island city state. 

Rapid urban planning with land acquisition / relocation policies by the state authorities of the past 2 decades had displaced the food & beverage geocentric of timeless Punggol away from its original seafront pinnacle.

Sited on the original general area of this vintage food and beverage location of the days of yore in pre-millennial Singapore, The Punggol Settlement is Punggol re-established, rebooted, and ready for a wave of delectable dining and entertaining eats, dollops of desserts and rejuvenating recreation - all to be experienced in harmonious symbiosis in natural cohesion with the flora, fauna, and vast peripherally encompassing seafront of the redeveloped and constantly evolving Punggol Point of today...

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